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Editorial Policy

Publications in the Maldives Economic Review will be subject to the Editorial Policy as stated herein.


1. Articles and shorter commentary pieces

Be written on the broad platform of economic, trade, financial, commerce and investment climate of the Maldives and should be based on factual data, facts, figures and statistics when available.


Such articles and commentaries should derive from analysis of available data published by official sources. When non-official data is referred to, the source of the data and the date collection method should be stated, and the set of data made available for other commentators who wish to refer, clarify or respond to the piece.


Where deductions, assumptions and conclusions are drawn from available data, the deductions should follow naturally from a holistic review of the data and not from deliberate exclusion of a considerable range of available data.


Should be on policies and societal concerns and not targeted at individuals and personalities.


2. Opinions

The Maldives Economic Review, will from time to time, publish Opinions from Professionals, Academics and those with relevant Experience on issues prevalent in the Economy.


Such Opinions will be attributed only to the contributor and speaks only of the opinion of the said contributor.

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